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For any crop

Practically, GrainMonitor sensors can be used on any grain crop, whether it is grain or oilseed.

For any warehouse

GrainMonitor probes can be used in flat grain storage buildings, warehouses and in other facilities suitable for storage. The sensors can be freely moved without any restrictions or installation!

Information wherever you are

All the grain storage information is available at any time in the GrainMonitor cloud service, which can be accessed even from your mobile phone


Smart grain probe

GrainMonitor is a wireless sensor unit. All you need to do for the installation of the system is to place a certain number of probes in the crop. That's all, and the device is up and running. 

Nincs központ telepítés, nem kell áramforráshoz kapcsolni. Sőt, nem kell tölteni és akkumulátort sem cserélgetni. 

Simplicity is key! The use of the product does not require any special training, and the monitoring applications are extraordinarily simple. It is ready for use right after purchasing and it does not even need maintenance. I don’t think farmers or warehouses need more than that. When developing GrainMonitor, our main point was to create a product that can be simply and easily used. 

Ferenc MÓZSA

founder member of GrainMonitor

How does GrainMonitor work?

It is more than a thermometer!

Sign up

Finish your registration on the GrainMonitor website when making the first purchase. The whole process takes just half a minute, after which you get immediate access to your personal GrainMonitor interface.

Probe installation

The probes, similarly to a simple thermometer, should be inserted into the grain pile. The number of probes that is worth using depends on the amount of grain and on the demands.


You need to make some settings on your personal interface, e.g. the registration of staff and warehouses, identification of probes, etc. Here you can also specify the alarm settings.

The system is ready

The system is now ready for use, you can continuously follow up the stock information in the GrainMonitor mobile application and you will receive an alert in case of a problem.


GrainMonitor helps with prevention

Plant pest reproduction

The greatest losses, which are used during grain storage, can be caused by warehouse pests. In a few months, these pests develop in crops with specifically high moisture content that is above the limit and can cause significant financial losses, that can reach millions.

Fungal infections and an increase in toxin levels

Fungi are able to perfectly develop and to produce toxins in the stored grain. Therefore, suitable storage has the utmost importance under low humidity and temperature.


Improper humidity is a perfect breeding ground for germination, which is most often due to the change of seasons, and it is a typical problem e.g. with the arrival of winter.

Grain clumping

In the case of a dusty, mixed grain, any major temperature change generates steam, which condenses and leads to wetting and compaction of the grain.

100% pénzvisszafizetési garancia

Érezze magát biztonságban 30 napos visszavásárlási garanciánkkal! 

Amennyiben nem elégedett a GrainMonitor termékekkel, eredeti állapotban küldje vissza hozzánk és gondoskodunk a teljes vételár visszafizetéséről! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Fontos megjegyezni, hogy a GrainMonitor nem csupán „egy” szonda. A GrainMonitor egy szonda hálózat, valamint egy felhő alapú alkalmazás. Ezáltal egységárat nem tudunk mondani, mivel minden igény, minden helyzet más és más. Érdeklődőink számára, miután megismertük a pontos igényeket, egyedi árajánlatot tudunk adni. 

The GrainMonitor is designed and engineered so that each sensor has its own processing and communication unit. Each probe sends the information individually to the cloud-based Grainmonitor center from where those are accessible through the website or the mobile application of Grainmonitor.

Each probe is provided with an own battery and serves as an independent energy source for the given probe. The units do not need to be charged! The battery life of the probes depends on the number of daily measurements and the storage conditions, but we can guarantee 3 years even if the probes are exposed to intensive use.

An internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) is enough to use GrainMonitor. If you wish to use a mobile application, the minimum requirement on your mobile phone is iOS 13 in the case of Android 9 or iPhone.

The device is maintenance-free, nevertheless, the device must be stored according to the recommended conditions. Such a location could be a warehouse or workshop where the equipment is not exposed to high or low temperatures, or rain.  

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